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Welcome to Friends of Kilambe
Friends of Kilambe is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children and their families living in extreme poverty in the country of Nicaragua. Our goals are achieved through raising money and awareness in order to support the educational and medical needs there. Since our organization began in 2007, we have been able to fund and build a medical clinic in the community of Agua Frias, Jinotega, powered with hydroelectricity and equipped with a purified water source. We have also built a school in the Las Naranjas community, also in Jinotega. We are currently bringing clean water to the residents of El Cangregero, a small village about 30 miles from the capital city of Managua. This community of 45 homes had no way to clean the water obtained from area streams. We will continue to provide water filtration systems in other needy communities in Nicaragua.

Join us for a night of fun and games at our November 2 fundraiser!  More information

Our Story
Our Story

In 2007, a group of friends
from Connecticut set out
to build a healthier,
safer community for the
men, women and children
living in the region of
Kilambe, Nicaragua.


The Friends of Kilambe
supports existing
programs to help
hundreds of people living
in Kilambe who are in
need of drinking water,
healthcare and education.


As a volunteer with Friends
of Kilambe, you will have
the unique opportunity to
work with our team in the
United States and attend
annual Humanitarian
Missions to Kilambe.